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I would love to hear a little bit about your wedding and a little bit about yourselves! What is something that you and your partner love to do together? Which details of your wedding are you most excited about? Anything else you would like to share? Your most embarrassing moment? Or the song that you always sing in the shower but feel ashamed admitting? Just kidding, you don't have to tell me that. Not yet, at least. ; )

First things first, congratulations on your upcoming celebrations! More than anything else, this is a crazy awesome time in your life and everyone should be showering you with excitement! I am not afraid to let out a little shriek of delight for the fact that you and your person are getting hitched!! eeeee! It's a big deal, and it is excITING!!!  I mean, if we can't get excited about celebrating two awesome people in love, what can we get excited about, right!?!? 

So, WOO HOO - GO YOU!!!  

If you are interested in joining forces to collaborate and capture all that excitement on film, and transform it into an artistic, unique movie about YOUR wedding day, and are curious about pricing and availability, please submit your info to the left! I would love to hear from you and share in the excitement of your big day! Horray!!!