Me // Seafoam Films


Hi! I am Shannon and I am Seafoam Films. I call Santa Cruz, CA my home, but love to travel!

I am a little bit goofy, a lot enthusiastic, and always smiling. I love music, art, and filmmaking. I love the outdoors, animals, road trips, and a unique thrift store find. I am inspired by live music, I am humbled by the mountains, and I am energized by the ocean. I strive to be kind and authentic. I am an idealist and I am inspired by things that are out of the ordinary!

As well as being all of those bits and pieces, I am passionate about what I do, and work hard to create fun, modern, and relevant work. I have a lot of emotional involvement with my films. I love that cathartic feeling of wonderment, that welling up of emotional goodness, that I get from experiencing a moment of beauty when it is paired up with the perfect soundtrack. My passion is creating that feeling on film, and I believe that weddings are incredible catalysts for it. This is the process of your wedding becoming a piece of visual art!

My Films // Digital Heirlooms

Your piece of visual art will be a "music video" display case for your wedding day and all of its epic glory; it will be a nostalgic digital heirloom that you can enjoy and share for years and years.

My style is inspired by a fun, modern point of view and a love for emotion in art and music. I prefer movement, candid moments, and high energy and when it comes to length, I believe that less is more!  My films are not like a traditional wedding recording, but instead are fast paced, heavily edited short movies with lots of personality and character. I will never turn down an out of the box idea, and I am always striving to bring the fun.

My films are meant to take you back to the unique mood of your wedding day, and assist in reminding you how it felt from an artistic point of view.  Instead of an exact replication, it is an artistic interpretation of your wedding day. You worked hard to put your personal style into your wedding. You created it from the ground up! I am inspired by that and motivated to document it in a creative, new way that will showcase your unique love and will be fun for everyone to watch!