Jamie + Francisco // San Francisco City Hall Elopement

Jamie and Francisco introduced me to my first elopement and my first time visiting San Francisco City Hall. They are now two of my new favorite things. It felt pretty special being the only guest at Jamie + Francisco's intimate wedding, along with Molly Gilholm Photography. The day was relaxed and centered completely on the couple, and we had a blast shooting beautiful portraits all afternoon! SF city hall is mesmerizingly beautiful and the city has so much to offer for incredible locations. Jamie and Francisco came all the way from Chicago to elope in this amazing city for the beauty of its city hall. It is truly an iconic building. This video was so fun to do, I hope there will be more elopements in my future! Thank you for a wonderful day J + F! 

Dress by  BHLDN

Dress by BHLDN

Flowers by  Ampersand SF

Flowers by Ampersand SF

Ji + Eric // Topanga Canyon Wedding // Inn of the Seventh Ray

Ji and Eric got ready at the Viceroy Hotel in Santa Monica, which provided some awesome settings for their first look and portraits. They had their ceremony and reception at the most enchanted and intimate creek side venue, The Inn of the Seventh Ray in Topanga Canyon. The venue weaved around a bend in the creek and it had a maze-like quality which added to its mystique. Ji and Eric were so sweet and it was the perfect wedding to jump start the 2016 season! :) Here we go! 

Also, I super loved working with Kappen Photography at this wedding! 

The Tomboy Sessions

I am loving being a part of the team that makes up this new Music Video series in Santa Cruz called The Tomboy Sessions! Taking place at the Tomboy Vintage Shop, we are creating live performance music videos from bands as they come through this area on their tour! Santa Cruz has such an amazing music scene, and I am excited about this opportunity to work with some of the talent that passes through! Teaming up with Gadgetbox Recording Studio for audio, we shot the first of the series, featuring The Brothers Comatose in April of this year. Mischa Gasch of Tourmore Production is producing the series and we are supported by the sponsorship of Santa Cruz Guitar Company, Sylvan Music, Universal Audio, and Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing. Seriously, an awesome group of talent and sponsors and super fun people to be around.  I am a little bit giddy about being able to work in the genre of live music! 

We would greatly appreciate your views as we premiere this series and try to spread the word about it! Thanks so much! :) 

Check out The Tomboy Sessions WEBSITEYOUTUBE, and FACEBOOK for more information. 

Meeting Juliet

Watch out, it's a long one...

I have been impatiently waiting for the moment that I get to share this project with everyone, and now that it is here I am a little bit nervous! It is a category of video that is brand new for me and the initial butterflies of sharing something so new are definitely there. BUT, the butterflies are also from excitement! :) One of my favorite things about this job is the opportunity to grow from the experiences that I am exposed to with each new project. This one definitely changed my life.

Last June, I shot Greg and Rachael's wedding. After their wedding Rachael surprised me with an email that started with "Ok, I know this is kind of a crazy idea, and I totally understand if you say no..." Her idea was for me to be present at their baby's birth and capture on film the uncontrollable emotions that they knew were bound to happen during the moments right after delivery, when she and Greg were to meet their first child. 

I had never been around birth before, but I felt compelled to take the leap into this new territory. Being offered an opportunity to witness the inner workings of something that so many people go through, but that so little is openly shared about, felt exciting. None of us had any idea what we were doing. This was a first for all of us. Capturing as much as I could, being on call, and waking up in the middle of the night were all part of the excitement.

It was an adrenaline rush to be so close to such an unstoppable force, and I was in awe as Juliet was placed on her mother's chest for the first time. As Rachael and Greg cried from the intense love that they were immediately overcome with, I balled behind the camera from getting to watch their reactions as an outsider. It is something unexplainable to witness a life begin. I swear I could feel the energy in the room change as Juliet entered it. It was powerful. 

I wanted to be very thoughtful with how to make a respectful and appropriate film to showcase this magnitude of emotion in a way that was engaging and relevant, but not overly graphic. My main goal is to not scare anyone off from watching it simply because it is a "birth video," because it is not a typical birth video. Like Rachael pitched it to me, it is a video about Meeting Juliet, not about birthing Juliet.

I am way way way beyond honored to have been welcomed into and trusted with such a personal event in these two's lives. Rachael and Greg are an exceptional team and the love that they showed for each other during this event was inspiring. I cherish the special friendship that we have developed from the unique and bonding circumstances that have brought us together. I still can't believe I was there when Juliet was born! That little girl definitely has a special place in my heart and I think we will have a bond that will last for life. I can't wait to watch her grow :) 

Thank you Rachael and Greg, for your openness and trust in me. Thank you for broadening my understanding of love and my awe of life. Thank you for your willingness to share this video publicly and allow others a peak into this incredible event.

Diana + Jerome // Outdoor Oakland Wedding

Diana and Jerome said their vows in the Lake Merritt gazebo during a fun, emotional, and interactive ceremony. I love ceremonies where the couple and their guests interact and revel in the unique moments that they are all getting to be a part of! Their reception took place at a restaurant across the lake where food, drink, deserts and dancing filled the night. 

Diana and Jerome have playful sprits and their wedding day was definitely a reflection of that! A colorful, crafty vibe was the theme of this diy wedding, complete with homemade paper flowers for the bouquets and table decorations, some out of pages from the couples' favorite books! So clever, unique, and creative! 

This film was a joy to put together, AND it is the official wrap of my 2015 wedding season! CRAZY! I can't believe another year has flown by! I learned so much from all of my 2015 weddings, and I had the pleasure of working with the best people! I am loving this adventure and I am very excited for what all the 2016 weddings have in store! :) 

Lauren + Kevin // Sonoma Golf Club

Lauren and Kevin's Sonoma Golf Club Wedding is here! This was one of the coolest golf clubs I have ever been to! Sonoma Golf Club has beautiful buildings with gorgeous old world style details that were so much fun to capture. Lauren and Kevin are so kind and easy going and I had such a great time spending their day with them! Thanks you two!! 

A huge thank you to The Native Sibling, whose song, Here With Me, is featured in this film. Check out their new album, Letters Kept to Ourselves.  

Tina + Marshall // Santa Cruz Wedding

I LOVED this wedding. A ceremony in the redwoods, old lanterns and colorful bonfire blankets as table decor, a homemade wedding dress, an area for camping under the trees at the end of the night, and so much genuine happiness and love. GAH! Perfection. I am just amazed at how creative and unique my couples and their weddings are! I am so thankful for the people I get to work with. 

Oh, and Tina is one badass lady. She broke her leg just before the wedding and rocked it! A bedazzled cast and crutches helped, but she didn't let a broken bone keep her down! I loved when Marshall swooped her up after the first kiss and carried her down the aisle so she didn't have to hobble.            It. Was. Adorable. 

The music in this film is by the incredibly talented Reed KD. I am honored to feature his sound. 

trees (1 of 4).jpg

Michelle + Alex // Gardener Ranch // Carmel Valley Wedding

Michelle and Alex are an awesome couple, and I loved their group of hammy groomsmen and stunning bridesmaids! Their day was a blast, and Gardener Ranch in Carmel Valley is truly a magical land of warm soft breezes and gorgeous light!

Sidenote: I have always wanted to shoot a wedding where someone jumped in the pool during the dance party.

My dream came true on this day. June 11, 2015. Let it be known for the history books. 


couple kidd.jpg

Rachael + Greg // Aptos // Backyard Wedding

These two rock. Plain and simple, I love them. This is a classic case of clients turned friends, and it is the best feeling in the world.  Kind, generous, creative, enthusiastic, fun, open hearted and open minded; they are the people I want to be around. I am so thankful for connections like this, when you meet someone and you are just like, "ya, this is gonna be great." The bond is real. 

Rachael and Greg had a beautiful ceremony at Greg's parent's house, overlooking the ocean and the Aptos hills, and a reception at Rachael's parent's house just a few minutes away, complete with home brewed beer, BBQ, mini donkeys, and a sunflower field! They also had a surprising twist to a particular wedding day tradition that had everyone on the edge of their seats for the most of the day. They were to find out the gender of their unborn baby for the first time when they cut into their wedding cake! The inside of the cake was either pink or blue, so that when Rachael and Greg cut into it, they would discover if they were having a boy or a girl! It was so exciting to have this event to look forward too, and the guests were buzzing with anticipation! I thought it was a really unique way to share the excitement of finding out their baby's gender with their closest friends and family all at the same time, and it added some fun to the traditional event of cake cutting at a wedding! Have a watch to see if they had a boy or a girl! :) 

Aparajita + Jawahar // Half Moon Bay Golf Links //Half Moon Bay Wedding

Let The Sun Shine

Aparajita and Jawahar met in India and after living for awhile in the states they decided that they wanted to have a California-style wedding with influences from their Indian culture. Aparajita wore a beautiful, colorful sari and Jawahar sported a classic suit. They looked stunning together and it set the tone for an awesomely unique day with multi-cultural influences, both traditional and modern!   

The unique character of the footage that resulted from these combinations of styles and cultures, inspired me to try a mixture of techniques in the video, and do something that I have been brainstorming about for quite a while now - adding hand drawn-animation to a wedding film! While limited time kept me from achieving my original goals of manually animating some of artist-friend Elsbeth Mumm's pen and ink drawings into the video, (...I still have 5 very patient couples from 2015 waiting for their wedding films...), I was able to at least play around with the idea. Her flower drawings are featured in the intro and she has so many other great ideas that we are hoping to bring to fruition in the future! For now, I just let my inner doodler loose with a new technique I learned in After Effects. I chose a few short sequences and doodled onto each individual frame, which resulted in a funky scribbly effect that I really dig. Maybe someone out there will like it too!?

Since studying it in college, I have had a strong interest in animation and it feels good to be pursuing it again! What doesn't feel good is being reminded how painstakingly long it takes. Eeehhhh....



Jill + Dave // Red Barn Ranch // Sonoma Wedding

Jill and Dave's wedding marks the first Seven Summits/Seafoam Films collaboration! Seven Summits brought me in to attend and shoot the wedding, I transferred the footage to them, and they put together this edit! It is pretty cool to see their creative eye applied to the footage, and it was an awesome experience to work with them! Can't wait for future collaborations! 

This wedding was a really special one. Without ever having met Jill or Dave before, I was immediately caught up in their excitement and their comfort with however the day was to unfold. It was calm and warm and right before the ceremony, a magical purpley/orange cloud formed, filling the sky with an otherworldly glow. I was energized by the combination of this mystical light plus Jill and Dave's impressive ability to be so fully present and focused on each other on their wedding day. I found myself tearing up/always having a goofy smile across my face as I got lost in the emotion. You're welcome for that mental image. 

My favorite part of the day was during the ceremony, when Dave ran down the aisle to meet his Bride half way. It felt like I was witnessing a pure and unsolicited reaction to an overwhelming emotion; a genuine response to an intensely fleeting moment that couldn't be contained. And I am so glad it wasn't. Those moments, when emotion overcomes reason, those are the moments that I think we are truly living.

Anyway, it was cool and stuff. Here's the video. 

17th Avenue Studios // Beth Mastrude Designs

I love my 17th Avenue Art Studios community! 17th Ave Studios is a group of artists and their workplaces in Live Oak, and it is where I have my editing studio! The property is home to several working businesses and a hodgepodge of buildings, including a Quonset Hut and a retired granary, both of which have been reinvented as art studios!  I love the funky, industrial, and almost maze like feel to the property. It is weird and continually sparks curiosity in me with its oddities. It is always messy with art supplies, always changing with new ideas, and always teaming with creative energy. It is beautiful. It is an environment that is supportive and inspiring, with like-minded people to hang out with while we all work on our different projects, and sometimes collaborate on one together...

On this project, two wonderful women in my building and I put together a shoot to showcase some work for Open Studios!  Beth Mastrude is a fiber artist and the maker of these beautiful dyed textiles!  Elsbeth Mumm is an artist working in sculpture, illustration, and assemblage, and is also very talented in front of the lens! Elsbeth, Beth and I went out to the field across from our studios and had fun letting the beautiful, delicate fabrics do their thang in the wind and evening light! It was great to collaborate on such a fun shoot, and help promote Beth's craft! I am thouroughly enjoying these opportunities that having an editing studio in this kind of environment is generating, and can't wait for what will be next! 

Here are a few of my favorite stills and the video below!


Heather & Mike // Felton Wedding // with The Brothers Comatose

There are SO MANY good things to say about this wedding and this couple. But instead of making you read through my ranting and raving about them, I'll just let you watch the video first. It is now on you if you still want to subject yourself to reading me gush about this wedding... :)


Oh hello there! You decided to read on!?! Wow, I am flattered. :) *Blushing*

Ok, I'll try to make this good. First of all, Heather and Mike chose to get married at a beautiful location, under the redwoods, in the Santa Cruz Mountains. (Man am I a sucker for a wedding set in the trees...) They both are passionate about and love enjoying together, great music and great wine, and those things where showcased at their wedding. Mike is a winemaker and specially made all of the wine that was served! Wow. Each bottle had a handmade logo, made by the groom's brother, and it gave a very classy DIY feel to the table settings.  Mike's brother also made all of the invites, and passed the graphics on to me to use in the intro of the film which was a really fun addition that I have never had before! Heather's sister, Amanda, coordinated the wedding and everything went off so smoothly. This was an awesome and creative team that styled and planned a rad wedding.

The main feature of the wedding reception (besides the bride and groom of course) was live music from The Brothers Comatose, a touring band whom Heather and Mike were able to coax away from their tour to make the wedding evening unforgettable! When Heather and Mike told me this at our initial meeting, I remember having to deliberately keep my cool, haha.  I am a fan of the Brothers Comatose and never expected to get this opportunity to shoot them play at a wedding! It was an incredible concert and wedding in one!

But what really made the day, was how genuine and awesome Heather and Mike's friends and family are. There was so much love and raw emotion at this wedding and it was a dream to capture it all. Heather and her dad's dance was one of the cutest, sweetest Father/Daughter dances I have ever seen, and Heather and Mike's first dance was just plain impressive. Everyone brought their best boot stomping and swing dancing to the dance floor the band gave a high energy, super fun performance. And then, when you think it can't get any cooler, the band calls up a good friend of Heather and Mike's to freakin sing a duet with the lead singer, and she BLOWS EVERYONE AWAY! AND THEN Heather's dad goes up and plays harmonica and sings with the band TOO! It was incredible and felt unique and special in so many ways. I feel honored to have been a part of it. It was SO much fun to make this film, and even more fun to set it to one of The Brothers Comatose's songs, that is not about particularly about love or marriage, but that I think has a lot of wise words that can be applied to the subject. One of the things that I love about filmmaking and music is how they can be interpreted in so many different ways. :)

Some Frame Grabs:

Brittany + Andrew // Ranch Wedding

A new year of wedding films is here!!! Brittany and Andrew's wedding in Parkfield, CA is the first wedding I shot this year, and it was a great way to start off 2015! The V6 ranch, where their wedding was set, is surrounded by golden rolling hills and big sky. It is east of Paso Robles, nestled in with the beauty that is Central California.

The main focus of Brittany and Andrew's ceremony location was the beauty and drama of its natural surroundings and their day was full of friends, family, dogs, and lots and lots of love. It was especially wonderful to hear the never ending positive comments and heartfelt toasts about the incredible qualities that these two have! 

I challenged myself to work a little bit outside of my comfort zone with this wedding, and practiced my directing skills a little bit with the bridesmaids and groomsmen! Here is a still frame from a directed scene that I like the results of! Yay! :)

And a big thank you to ProleteR for the music in this film! 

Styled Shoot at Asilomar Beach


I am super excited to share my very first styled shoot! I feel so honored to have been asked along to shoot video and make a short film of this beautiful shoot at Asilomar Beach in Pacific Grove! I loved meeting and working with Designer and Event Planner E Events Co. , Hair and Makeup Artist Kelly Jones, Photographer Julie Cahill, Florist Bonny Doon Garden Company, and Dress Designer JuLee Chic. Lovely ladies who do Lovely work! 

This project was made even better when the incredibly talented Lowland Hum allowed me to use their song Eden, Pt. 1! One of my favorite parts of this gig is getting to connect with musicians. Lowland Hum are undoubtedly talented and were so wonderful and easy to work with! Listening to their music left me inspired and I can't wait to see them play and meet them in person at their San Francisco show with The Collection coming up in September! 

Then this project was made EVEN better when I learned that it got picked up by the wedding blog Magnolia Rouge! My first styled shoot AND my first feature!!! Feeling very thankful to be a part of this project. Check out the video below and head over to Magnolia Rouge to see the post in all it's shiny glory on a real wedding blog!! Yay! :)

Music // Lowland Hum // Edent, Pt. 1

Freewaters Round 2

I am excited to share another project I did with Freewaters Footwear, a short promo video for their uber comfy Tall Boy sandal! Check this anything but ordinary flip flop out!

A huge thank you to Duktap for providing the soundtrack on this project! Duktap (Amy Cherette)  is an incredible musician and human being, making rad music in San Francisco. I have wanted to work with her and her tracks for some time now, and am amped that it came together for this project! Give your ears some sugaaa and head on over to her SoundcloudBandcamp and Facebook to listen and learn more about all the goodness that is Duktap! 

Song: Daydream // by Duktap

Neeharika + Aditya // Sonoma Wedding

HEY EVERYONE! I am ready to shout it from the rooftops, 2014 is finally complete for me and I am ready to more forwaaaaaarrrdddddd!!!! I gotta admit, I feel like I have been living a little bit in the past lately, spending these first 3 months of 2015 frantically working to finish up projects from 2014. I know I will constantly be fighting this feeling as I stack up projects, but for the moment, all past projects are finished and the new ones on the horizon can finally feel exciting! Yeehaaawww!

Ok, onto more important matters, Neeharika and Aditya!

This wedding was a wedding like no other I have ever filmed or attended before, and therefore the video took on a kind of new and different vibe.  The bride and groom both had such a calm energy while I was filming them, and the bride had this beautiful intensity in her eyes that just pierced the camera when she looked into it. Those are the feelings that inspired this edit. Then, when looking for music, I immediately fell in love with this song.  It brought out the same emotion in me as when I watched the footage of Neeharika's serene gaze, and I knew it had to be the one.  This edit came out a little bit dramatic, a little bit slower paced, and hopefully full of feeling! :) 

The ceremony was Hindu and rich in family, love, humor, and culture. The clothes and jewelry were beautiful, bright and detailed, and the decor was colorful and exciting! The venue was intimate, yet glamorous, and the overall feel was fun and happy, and full of the love from family and friends.  The toasts given by both fathers were hilarious and heart felt, and the karaoke thank you song that the groom performed was INCREDIBLE! All this was pulled of perfectly by the masterful MC, the bride's sister! Thank you Neeharika and Aditya for inviting me into your wonderful day! 

Katelyn + Robert // Backyard Wedding

Today, I am blogging about a wonderful backyard wedding that exuded a feeling of calmness and love and fun so easily and beautifully! From the gorgeous family property were it took place, to the adorable Flower Girls, to the hilarious toasts from the Best Man and Maid of Honor, to the Groom's surprise Bachata after their first dance, this day was perfect. That's right, the Groom secretly learned the Bachata (she loves to go out dancing and he usually doesn't participate) and then surprised the Bride by dancing it for her to one of her favorite songs right after their first dance! Her reaction was priceless. I mean, how romantic is THAT!? Swoon. Haha. Not only was there a surprise Bachata, but the bride and her Father line danced, and the whole wedding party broke out a choreographed routine in the middle of the dance party! Epic. 

I experimented with a new technique while editing this one, using mirrored images, and mirrored images of mirror images! 

There was a mirror in the girl's getting ready room that had bevelled edges and made these double images if you had the right angle. I thought that was pretty cool, so I went with it! I also had a lot of fun opening this film with a little mini story of Katelyn and Robert's beautiful daughter Emily.

It is always scary throwing a new effect or editing approach into a project, hoping that I executed it well and that it didn't overwhelm or take away from the video as a whole! But at the same time it is fun and exiting to push myself to try new techniques! Alright, enough words, here is the film!

Samira + Alex // Villa Montalvo Wedding

Happy New Year everyone! 2015! Woo! Just a couple more 2014 wedding edits to wrap up and then I am excited to see what 2015 has to bring! Bring it ON new year! :) 

Today I am sharing a wedding that was SMOKIN hot! No really, it was one of the hottest days of the entire summer. But these guys didn't let it phase them, and they partied on through the heat. Samira and Alex put on a beautiful and timeless wedding at The Montalvo Arts Center in Los Gatos, and I feel privileged to have been able to capture and transform its memory into a piece of visual art for them! 

Samira and Alex are fellow UCSB Gauchos and it was fun to meet all the guests who also attended UCSB and relive a little piece of my college days! There were many great moments throughout the day, but a couple of my favorites were when Sammy and Alex got lifted into the air during the last song, and after the music ended when their friends all chanted "Ain't no party like a Gaucho party!" You can take us away from the college days, but ya can't take the college days away from us...


The cold, wet weather has set in here in Santa Cruz, and while I am LOVING the rain, I can't help but find myself fondly remembering those warm summer days.... This last summer I got the unique opportunity to camp in Big Sur for a few days and work on a shoot for Freewaters Footwear with Sun and Life Photography featuring Freewaters' Brand Ambassadors, Kim Diggs and Adam Twelve!  

Big Sur!? Camping + Filmmaking!? My favorite Photo Team!? An awesome company and new friends!? Yes Please! :)

I left that weekend feeling lucky to have met and worked with such a fine crew of folk in the most gorgeous of locations! We had morning and evening shoots with the best Big Sur playtime during the in between hours - fires, food, cocktail(s), and music at night, + ocean and beach time during the midday = perfect days. I am in love with the footage I collected, and had way too much fun "working" to put together a series of shorts for Freewaters, the main one being a lifestyle video to represent the vibe of their brand, which I feel like I lived that weekend! I came home feeling happy, rejuvenated, and inspired, with first hand experience to craft that feeling into their video! 

Freewaters is not only made up of great people selling rad footwear, but 1% of their gross sales goes directly to fund their clean water projects, helping transform lives through the provision of clean drinking water! So go buy em out ladies and gents, and feel good about the GOOD you are supporting!  :)

I am feeling grateful to have had this opportunity and to have my videos featured up on Freewaters' NEW website HERE!!! Check them out below!

P.S. Stay tuned for the last installment of the Freewaters Series, coming early next year! :)