The Tomboy Sessions

I am loving being a part of the team that makes up this new Music Video series in Santa Cruz called The Tomboy Sessions! Taking place at the Tomboy Vintage Shop, we are creating live performance music videos from bands as they come through this area on their tour! Santa Cruz has such an amazing music scene, and I am excited about this opportunity to work with some of the talent that passes through! Teaming up with Gadgetbox Recording Studio for audio, we shot the first of the series, featuring The Brothers Comatose in April of this year. Mischa Gasch of Tourmore Production is producing the series and we are supported by the sponsorship of Santa Cruz Guitar Company, Sylvan Music, Universal Audio, and Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing. Seriously, an awesome group of talent and sponsors and super fun people to be around.  I am a little bit giddy about being able to work in the genre of live music! 

We would greatly appreciate your views as we premiere this series and try to spread the word about it! Thanks so much! :) 

Check out The Tomboy Sessions WEBSITEYOUTUBE, and FACEBOOK for more information.