Tina + Marshall // Santa Cruz Wedding

I LOVED this wedding. A ceremony in the redwoods, old lanterns and colorful bonfire blankets as table decor, a homemade wedding dress, an area for camping under the trees at the end of the night, and so much genuine happiness and love. GAH! Perfection. I am just amazed at how creative and unique my couples and their weddings are! I am so thankful for the people I get to work with. 

Oh, and Tina is one badass lady. She broke her leg just before the wedding and rocked it! A bedazzled cast and crutches helped, but she didn't let a broken bone keep her down! I loved when Marshall swooped her up after the first kiss and carried her down the aisle so she didn't have to hobble.            It. Was. Adorable. 

The music in this film is by the incredibly talented Reed KD. I am honored to feature his sound. 

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