Heather & Mike // Felton Wedding // with The Brothers Comatose

There are SO MANY good things to say about this wedding and this couple. But instead of making you read through my ranting and raving about them, I'll just let you watch the video first. It is now on you if you still want to subject yourself to reading me gush about this wedding... :)


Oh hello there! You decided to read on!?! Wow, I am flattered. :) *Blushing*

Ok, I'll try to make this good. First of all, Heather and Mike chose to get married at a beautiful location, under the redwoods, in the Santa Cruz Mountains. (Man am I a sucker for a wedding set in the trees...) They both are passionate about and love enjoying together, great music and great wine, and those things where showcased at their wedding. Mike is a winemaker and specially made all of the wine that was served! Wow. Each bottle had a handmade logo, made by the groom's brother, and it gave a very classy DIY feel to the table settings.  Mike's brother also made all of the invites, and passed the graphics on to me to use in the intro of the film which was a really fun addition that I have never had before! Heather's sister, Amanda, coordinated the wedding and everything went off so smoothly. This was an awesome and creative team that styled and planned a rad wedding.

The main feature of the wedding reception (besides the bride and groom of course) was live music from The Brothers Comatose, a touring band whom Heather and Mike were able to coax away from their tour to make the wedding evening unforgettable! When Heather and Mike told me this at our initial meeting, I remember having to deliberately keep my cool, haha.  I am a fan of the Brothers Comatose and never expected to get this opportunity to shoot them play at a wedding! It was an incredible concert and wedding in one!

But what really made the day, was how genuine and awesome Heather and Mike's friends and family are. There was so much love and raw emotion at this wedding and it was a dream to capture it all. Heather and her dad's dance was one of the cutest, sweetest Father/Daughter dances I have ever seen, and Heather and Mike's first dance was just plain impressive. Everyone brought their best boot stomping and swing dancing to the dance floor the band gave a high energy, super fun performance. And then, when you think it can't get any cooler, the band calls up a good friend of Heather and Mike's to freakin sing a duet with the lead singer, and she BLOWS EVERYONE AWAY! AND THEN Heather's dad goes up and plays harmonica and sings with the band TOO! It was incredible and felt unique and special in so many ways. I feel honored to have been a part of it. It was SO much fun to make this film, and even more fun to set it to one of The Brothers Comatose's songs, that is not about particularly about love or marriage, but that I think has a lot of wise words that can be applied to the subject. One of the things that I love about filmmaking and music is how they can be interpreted in so many different ways. :)

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