Brittany + Andrew // Ranch Wedding

A new year of wedding films is here!!! Brittany and Andrew's wedding in Parkfield, CA is the first wedding I shot this year, and it was a great way to start off 2015! The V6 ranch, where their wedding was set, is surrounded by golden rolling hills and big sky. It is east of Paso Robles, nestled in with the beauty that is Central California.

The main focus of Brittany and Andrew's ceremony location was the beauty and drama of its natural surroundings and their day was full of friends, family, dogs, and lots and lots of love. It was especially wonderful to hear the never ending positive comments and heartfelt toasts about the incredible qualities that these two have! 

I challenged myself to work a little bit outside of my comfort zone with this wedding, and practiced my directing skills a little bit with the bridesmaids and groomsmen! Here is a still frame from a directed scene that I like the results of! Yay! :)

And a big thank you to ProleteR for the music in this film!