Neeharika + Aditya // Sonoma Wedding

HEY EVERYONE! I am ready to shout it from the rooftops, 2014 is finally complete for me and I am ready to more forwaaaaaarrrdddddd!!!! I gotta admit, I feel like I have been living a little bit in the past lately, spending these first 3 months of 2015 frantically working to finish up projects from 2014. I know I will constantly be fighting this feeling as I stack up projects, but for the moment, all past projects are finished and the new ones on the horizon can finally feel exciting! Yeehaaawww!

Ok, onto more important matters, Neeharika and Aditya!

This wedding was a wedding like no other I have ever filmed or attended before, and therefore the video took on a kind of new and different vibe.  The bride and groom both had such a calm energy while I was filming them, and the bride had this beautiful intensity in her eyes that just pierced the camera when she looked into it. Those are the feelings that inspired this edit. Then, when looking for music, I immediately fell in love with this song.  It brought out the same emotion in me as when I watched the footage of Neeharika's serene gaze, and I knew it had to be the one.  This edit came out a little bit dramatic, a little bit slower paced, and hopefully full of feeling! :) 

The ceremony was Hindu and rich in family, love, humor, and culture. The clothes and jewelry were beautiful, bright and detailed, and the decor was colorful and exciting! The venue was intimate, yet glamorous, and the overall feel was fun and happy, and full of the love from family and friends.  The toasts given by both fathers were hilarious and heart felt, and the karaoke thank you song that the groom performed was INCREDIBLE! All this was pulled of perfectly by the masterful MC, the bride's sister! Thank you Neeharika and Aditya for inviting me into your wonderful day!