Katelyn + Robert // Backyard Wedding

Today, I am blogging about a wonderful backyard wedding that exuded a feeling of calmness and love and fun so easily and beautifully! From the gorgeous family property were it took place, to the adorable Flower Girls, to the hilarious toasts from the Best Man and Maid of Honor, to the Groom's surprise Bachata after their first dance, this day was perfect. That's right, the Groom secretly learned the Bachata (she loves to go out dancing and he usually doesn't participate) and then surprised the Bride by dancing it for her to one of her favorite songs right after their first dance! Her reaction was priceless. I mean, how romantic is THAT!? Swoon. Haha. Not only was there a surprise Bachata, but the bride and her Father line danced, and the whole wedding party broke out a choreographed routine in the middle of the dance party! Epic. 

I experimented with a new technique while editing this one, using mirrored images, and mirrored images of mirror images! 

There was a mirror in the girl's getting ready room that had bevelled edges and made these double images if you had the right angle. I thought that was pretty cool, so I went with it! I also had a lot of fun opening this film with a little mini story of Katelyn and Robert's beautiful daughter Emily.

It is always scary throwing a new effect or editing approach into a project, hoping that I executed it well and that it didn't overwhelm or take away from the video as a whole! But at the same time it is fun and exiting to push myself to try new techniques! Alright, enough words, here is the film!