Rachael + Greg // Aptos // Backyard Wedding

These two rock. Plain and simple, I love them. This is a classic case of clients turned friends, and it is the best feeling in the world.  Kind, generous, creative, enthusiastic, fun, open hearted and open minded; they are the people I want to be around. I am so thankful for connections like this, when you meet someone and you are just like, "ya, this is gonna be great." The bond is real. 

Rachael and Greg had a beautiful ceremony at Greg's parent's house, overlooking the ocean and the Aptos hills, and a reception at Rachael's parent's house just a few minutes away, complete with home brewed beer, BBQ, mini donkeys, and a sunflower field! They also had a surprising twist to a particular wedding day tradition that had everyone on the edge of their seats for the most of the day. They were to find out the gender of their unborn baby for the first time when they cut into their wedding cake! The inside of the cake was either pink or blue, so that when Rachael and Greg cut into it, they would discover if they were having a boy or a girl! It was so exciting to have this event to look forward too, and the guests were buzzing with anticipation! I thought it was a really unique way to share the excitement of finding out their baby's gender with their closest friends and family all at the same time, and it added some fun to the traditional event of cake cutting at a wedding! Have a watch to see if they had a boy or a girl! :)