Aparajita + Jawahar // Half Moon Bay Golf Links //Half Moon Bay Wedding

Let The Sun Shine

Aparajita and Jawahar met in India and after living for awhile in the states they decided that they wanted to have a California-style wedding with influences from their Indian culture. Aparajita wore a beautiful, colorful sari and Jawahar sported a classic suit. They looked stunning together and it set the tone for an awesomely unique day with multi-cultural influences, both traditional and modern!   

The unique character of the footage that resulted from these combinations of styles and cultures, inspired me to try a mixture of techniques in the video, and do something that I have been brainstorming about for quite a while now - adding hand drawn-animation to a wedding film! While limited time kept me from achieving my original goals of manually animating some of artist-friend Elsbeth Mumm's pen and ink drawings into the video, (...I still have 5 very patient couples from 2015 waiting for their wedding films...), I was able to at least play around with the idea. Her flower drawings are featured in the intro and she has so many other great ideas that we are hoping to bring to fruition in the future! For now, I just let my inner doodler loose with a new technique I learned in After Effects. I chose a few short sequences and doodled onto each individual frame, which resulted in a funky scribbly effect that I really dig. Maybe someone out there will like it too!?

Since studying it in college, I have had a strong interest in animation and it feels good to be pursuing it again! What doesn't feel good is being reminded how painstakingly long it takes. Eeehhhh....