17th Avenue Studios // Beth Mastrude Designs

I love my 17th Avenue Art Studios community! 17th Ave Studios is a group of artists and their workplaces in Live Oak, and it is where I have my editing studio! The property is home to several working businesses and a hodgepodge of buildings, including a Quonset Hut and a retired granary, both of which have been reinvented as art studios!  I love the funky, industrial, and almost maze like feel to the property. It is weird and continually sparks curiosity in me with its oddities. It is always messy with art supplies, always changing with new ideas, and always teaming with creative energy. It is beautiful. It is an environment that is supportive and inspiring, with like-minded people to hang out with while we all work on our different projects, and sometimes collaborate on one together...

On this project, two wonderful women in my building and I put together a shoot to showcase some work for Open Studios!  Beth Mastrude is a fiber artist and the maker of these beautiful dyed textiles!  Elsbeth Mumm is an artist working in sculpture, illustration, and assemblage, and is also very talented in front of the lens! Elsbeth, Beth and I went out to the field across from our studios and had fun letting the beautiful, delicate fabrics do their thang in the wind and evening light! It was great to collaborate on such a fun shoot, and help promote Beth's craft! I am thouroughly enjoying these opportunities that having an editing studio in this kind of environment is generating, and can't wait for what will be next! 

Here are a few of my favorite stills and the video below!