The cold, wet weather has set in here in Santa Cruz, and while I am LOVING the rain, I can't help but find myself fondly remembering those warm summer days.... This last summer I got the unique opportunity to camp in Big Sur for a few days and work on a shoot for Freewaters Footwear with Sun and Life Photography featuring Freewaters' Brand Ambassadors, Kim Diggs and Adam Twelve!  

Big Sur!? Camping + Filmmaking!? My favorite Photo Team!? An awesome company and new friends!? Yes Please! :)

I left that weekend feeling lucky to have met and worked with such a fine crew of folk in the most gorgeous of locations! We had morning and evening shoots with the best Big Sur playtime during the in between hours - fires, food, cocktail(s), and music at night, + ocean and beach time during the midday = perfect days. I am in love with the footage I collected, and had way too much fun "working" to put together a series of shorts for Freewaters, the main one being a lifestyle video to represent the vibe of their brand, which I feel like I lived that weekend! I came home feeling happy, rejuvenated, and inspired, with first hand experience to craft that feeling into their video! 

Freewaters is not only made up of great people selling rad footwear, but 1% of their gross sales goes directly to fund their clean water projects, helping transform lives through the provision of clean drinking water! So go buy em out ladies and gents, and feel good about the GOOD you are supporting!  :)

I am feeling grateful to have had this opportunity and to have my videos featured up on Freewaters' NEW website HERE!!! Check them out below!

P.S. Stay tuned for the last installment of the Freewaters Series, coming early next year! :)